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Yvad Live @ Sunfest 2017
Posted at 09:00h in Blog by Emily Bloch
Most locals probably realize that Lake Worth, Florida and Kingston, Jamaica are not even close to one in the same. But singer Kevin “YVAD” Davy somehow manages to bring the two together with his massive reggae repertoire.  Since moving to Florida, YVAD has found success with his roots reggae sound. He was even the featured singer for the touring Wailers band — a fitting tip of the hat to one of his idols, Bob Marley. In 2016, he honored Marley with his single, “Tribute,” an acoustic track that was dedicated to him.

Leading up to his SunFest performance, the singer has been documenting his rehearsals on social media.

Published on May 3, 2016
Riverton is a social commentary and reflects the day to day hardships of the people living on Jamaica’s largest landfill. The song and video forms part of a larger project and will be the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Riverton.
Listen to Riverton, buy Riverton and share Riverton.

The track “Riverton” was recorded at Mixing Lab and features a slew of top flight musicians which includes Tony Green and Everald Gayle on Horns. Djennae -Percussions, Damar and Gismo from the Raging Family, Errol from our Stay Kool Band played a steady track and Garth from Rhythm 2000 also played the Keys. Sanjay Gooden and Glen Brownie shared bass honours. Thanks Carol for background vocals and Rohan for the final touches. Yvad, Riverton! Maaad!

Tribute Published on Mar 21, 2016
Nubeat Entertainment presents ” Tribute ” , the new single from the hotly anticipated upcoming EP. Produced by Victor Simpson & Kevin Davy.
Reggae Artist Yvad once again presents the world with positive vibes, representing Jamaica.

The name Bob Marley(and the Wailers) is Synonymous with reggae and this has contributed immensely to growth and development of our music.
We cant deny the work that they have done, And that I as a young Artist stand on their shoulders. Tribute is our way of saying thanks to Bob Marley and the Wailers.